The Disney Learning Series - Shapes - PreK (English)

The Disney Learning Series - Shapes - PreK - Front Cover
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Create even more magical memories with Disney Learning. Shapes is a board book designed to help preschool children identify and learn the names of colours and basic shapes. The board book is centered around characters from Disney’s Mickey & Friends, where children can develop and reinforce essential concepts and skills to support math and literacy comprehension during their preschool years. Alongside their favourite characters from Mickey & Friends, Shapes features various fun activities for children and parents to support learning outside the classroom.

Children will also be motivated to practice identifying shapes through 3 fun activities that helps improve comprehension, recognition and recall, boost confidence and encourage success. 123 is an activity that helps build math understanding and basic skills, by encouraging children to apply their learning to everyday-life situations. The activity ABC helps build literacy understanding and skills through think and feel questions, strengthening children’s reading comprehension. Your Turn! is an activity that reinforces and extends the learning, conducted by the child and parent, creating a collaborative learning experience for the family. All features combined, this children’s board book is a great learning tool for preschool kids and their parents who want their children to succeed. Each time you open the book, choosing a different activity will encourage your child’s curiosity and inspire creativity.