The Disney Learning Series - Ready to Read and Write - PreK (English)

Disney Learning Series - Ready to Read and Write - PreK - Front Cover
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Create even more magical memories with Disney Learning. Ready to Read and Write is a workbook with some of Disney’s most popular and time-tested characters; Mickey Mouse & Friends. The workbook is for preschoolers to Kindergarten children and is designed in consultation with Early Childhood Educators to ensure that it delivers a highly effective learning experience and encourage kids to read and write at an early age. It also provides an opportunity for children to build a relationship with learning before starting school. As your child progresses through the workbook, he or she will work on learning skills aimed to prepare the child for school.

Contents found within the workbook aim to develop children’s motor skills through Ready to Print, where kids are tasked to trace lines, letters, and words. As the child progresses throughout the workbook, the content will help develop and strengthen writing comprehension through Word Knowledge, where children are challenged to think of words that are presented to them and to think of the opposite. To boost confidence in your child and ensure his or her success, they can be rewarded throughout the workbook through stickers and a certificate, thus, inspiring them to learn as they have fun. The rewards stickers are placed upon completion of each topic in the I Can section, which indicates the skills practiced, and can also be used as a goal.