The Disney Learning Series - Reading, Writing, and Math - K (English)

Disney Learning Series - Reading, Writing, and Math - Kindergarten - Front Cover
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Create even more magical memories with Disney Learning. The Reading, Writing, and Math workbook features beloved Disney characters that will motivate children in Kindergarten to practice and reinforce key concepts taught in Canadian schools. The workbook features exciting activities themed to Disney’s classic stories, aimed to support children’s learning and strengthen literacy and numeracy skills. This Disney workbook is an ideal tool for parents who want their children to continue to read and learn outside classroom. This workbook aligns to the Canadian mathematics and literacy curriculum and prepares your child for school, boosts their confidence and fosters skills they need to succeed in their class.

The Disney themed content found within the workbook include; Letter Recognition, where children explore the alphabet by working on all uppercase and lowercase letters through word association and tracing. Other content aimed to strengthen literacy and numeracy skills include Comprehension and Number Sense, where children are tasked with comprehending and responding to Disney related short stories. The Reading, Writing, and Math workbook also features Learn Together activities, where parents can extend the skill development with materials commonly found in the household. As your child progresses from cover to cover, they are rewarded with stickers and a certificate to signify completion. I Can is a great visual component for both the child and parent written in child-friendly language, which indicates what a child should be able to do and can also be used as a learning target.