The Disney Learning Series - Reading, Writing, and Math - 2 (English)

Disney Learning Series - Reading, Writing, and Math - Grade 2 - Front Cover
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Create even more magical memories with Disney Learning. The Reading, Writing, and Math workbook is a series designed to promote critical-thinking and communication skills essential for Grade 2 children. This Grade 2 workbook contains many familiar faces from Disney’s cherished stories, making practice fun for both children and parents. At this grade, children have progressed their literacy and numeracy comprehension, and are now exploring and discovering numbers in the world around us. The book complements the school curriculum for Grade 2 and helps in developing skills and competencies that are expected from your child at his or her academic level.

The contents in this workbook aim to stimulate the child’s progress in literacy and numeracy, challenging them with material aligned to Canadian curriculum connected to fun activities within the Disney’s fantasy worlds. Content such as Letter Sounds help children practice with consonants and vowels, while Numeracy covers topic areas; Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division problems for children to conquer. The Reading, Writing, and Math workbook also features an I Can section for each topic, indicating what a child should be able to comprehend by the end of the activity, making the series a well-rounded learning tool for Grade 2 children.