The Disney Learning Series - Reading, Writing, and Math - 1 (English)

Disney Learning Series - Reading, Writing, and Math - Grade 1 - Front Cover
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Create even more magical memories with Disney Learning. Reading, Writing, and Math is a workbook aligned to the Canadian literacy and mathematics curriculum, helping children in Grade 1 with the tools needed to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. The Disney workbook features activities designed around Disney’s most iconic characters and stories. The contents found in this Disney inspired workbook include Comprehension, Writing, Addition and Subtraction. The contents are designed to not only promote critical-thinking and communication skills, but also make skills practice fun. The book helps children to develop math and literacy skills at a young age. While the workbook is designed for children, parents can also get involved and motivate their child to complete the activities and practice exercises.

Like the other Disney Learning workbook series, this workbook also features many suggestions for parents to encourage learning outside the classroom. The main support feature for parents is Learn Together, a guidance tool on how to extend learning at home and reinforce the child’s understanding of a topic. Learn Together is a great feature that helps the parent make learning at home fun for their children.