The Disney Learning Series - Math Activity Cards - K (English)

The Disney Learning Series - Math Activity Cards - Kindergarten - Front Cover
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Create even more magical memories with Disney Learning. The Math Activity Cards is a math practice resource for children in Kindergarten that features many recognizable Disney characters , including Mickey & Friends. The design of the Math Activity Cards encourages children to practice essential math skills alongside their favourite Disney characters, making learning easy and fun for them. These activity cards are an ideal learning tool to encourage and support learning outside the classroom. The development of mathematical competencies from an early age will help support children’s academic success.  

The Math Activity Cards for Kindergarten focus on 5 mathematical topics, aligned to what children learn in school, and is an entertaining, easy format for parents to customize and adapt to the learning style of their child. The series demonstrates how math is being taught in school, which is why the Math Activity Cards contains many support tools to help your child develop confidence with math. The cards were developed with an understanding of the importance of math and literacy skills in growing kids. Each set includes laaminated cards and a dry-erase marker for children to show how to use different math strategies.