The Disney Learning Series - Math Activity Cards - 2 (English)

Disney Learning Series - Math Activity Cards - 2 - Front Cover
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Create even more magical memories with Disney Learning. The Math Activity Cards for Grade 2 children will immerse readers with classic characters from popular Disney stories such as Cars and Finding Dory. Like the other Math Activity Cards series, Grade 2 will focus on the 5 strands of math that are taught at their academic level. These activity cards are aligned to the Canadian curriculum and deal with important math topics such as Numbers, Patterns, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Management.

Each card set contains several activities that will challenge and instill confidence in the child. Parents are also encouraged to stimulate the child’s learning with the help of the Learn Together section of this card set. Parents can use these activity cards to explain important math concepts to their children and ask them questions to see if they have fully understood those concepts. These activities include another useful feature called Supporting the Activity, where there are suggested questions parents can give their children beyond the lesson being taught. Extra Learning is another activity where parents can create simple math practice games from the comfort of their own home.

These Math Activity Cards come with laminated cards and a dry-erase marker, so your child can have fun while he or she practices key math skills.