The Disney Learning Series - Math Activity Cards - 1 (English)

Disney Learning Series - Math Activity Cards - Grade 1 - Front Cover
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Create even more magical memories with Disney Learning. The Math Activity Cards for Grade 1 children integrate quality learning content with popular Disney characters; including Aladdin. The Canadian curriculum-aligned Math Activity Cards contain 5 mathematical topics, including; Numbers, Patterns, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Management. Each card contains an I Can goal, identifying what the child should be able to comprehend by the end of an activity. The content not only reinforces the math concepts your child is learning in class, but also demonstrates alternative methods for solving problems.

Young learners often need help and support from their parents, which is why the Learn Together feature involves the parent and provides suggested materials and activities to encourage learning outside the classroom. Extra Learning is a feature that supports learning by providing your child with additional activities once your child has completed the initial problem. This helps in developing a deeper understanding of the math concepts and increases retention.

To make the learning process more interesting and engaging for your child, each set of Math Activity Cards comes with laminated cards and a dry-erase marker. Therefore, your child can have fun while he or she polishes math skills.