The Disney Learning Series - L'alphabet - PreK (French)

The Disney Learning Series - L'alphabet - PreK - Front Cover
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Create even more magical memories with Disney Learning. Letters is a board book designed to help children build communication skills, learn the alphabet, and apply it in a real-world setting. Developed in consultation with Early Childhood Educators, this board book provides children the tools they need during their preschool years. This board book features one of the world’s most recognizable characters; Mickey Mouse! Alongside their favourite characters from Mickey & Friends, children will practice all 26 uppercase and lowercase letters while reinforcing early numeracy and literacy skills, which makes this board book perfect for kids learning to read, write and comprehend.

Letters is an important board book for kids from the Disney Learning series. Understanding the important role parents play in the learning journey, special features have been included throughout the design that provide additional activities to be completed with your child. Your Turn! offers suggested activities to reinforce early learning concepts and extend the learning. The 123 activity is designed to help build math concepts and skills by encouraging children to interact with the content and strengthen their math comprehension. The ABC feature helps to build literacy concepts and skills by promoting critical thinking and engaging children into a conversation by asking them what they think, feel, and to share a story.