The Disney Learning Series - Colours - PreK (English)

The Disney Learning Series - Colours - PreK - Front Cover
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Create even more magical memories with Disney Learning. The Colours board book is designed for preschool children that will help them identify the names of basic colours. For preschoolers, children first learn “how to learn”. Therefore, before entering Kindergarten, you can support your child’s development with the Disney board book series. Designed in consultation with Early Childhood Educators, these board books offer your children the opportunity to practice and play outside the classroom. Training and reinforcement of literacy and numeracy concepts are provided through activities; Your Turn!, 123, and ABC. Your Turn! provides opportunities for the parent to work together with their child while he or she learns, making these learning moments truly magical. 123 and ABC are activities designed to build math and literacy skills, and show preschool children the power that learning holds. Through these activities, children practice applying concepts in everyday life so they can relate to what they are working on. This makes using the names of colours more interesting and, at the same time, easy to remember and recall.

Colours features characters from Disney’s classic; Beauty and the Beast. Belle and the rest of the Disney characters will help motivate children to learn and have fun by identifying a variety of colours. This Disney board book supports your child’s language development by engaging them in conversation and nurturing their curiosity.