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The Nelson Spelling Grade 6 workbook is designed to help your child learn spellings, grammar and punctuation at a much faster pace. The course content of this workbook is closely aligned to the language curriculum of grade 6. It includes a variety practice materials such as quizzes, puzzles, word games and several other fun activities which make the learning process more interesting and stimulating for your child. This workbook is designed to motivate your child to study outside classroom and have fun while doing it. The content and format of the spelling workbook makes it an ideal tool for parents to encourage and support learning outside the classroom. It promotes cognitive thinking, correct use of grammar and punctuation, and reinforces language concepts that are taught to grade 6 students in the classroom. This gives your child the confidence and skills he or she needs to excel in their class.

Nelson has been connected to Canadian classroom for over 100 years. It’s depth of experience and understanding of most effective teaching strategies reflect in this spelling workbook. The book allows you to track your child’s progress and identify the areas they find more challenging. And then you can either work with your child to build their competency for that area or inform their teachers about the concepts they require extra support.

Designed for Success:

Strategy Spot: The concepts addressed in this workbook focus on the most effective learning strategies and enrich the learning experience with the use of fun facts, word games, and other activities
Spell Check: You can check your child’s understanding for each topic by asking them to attempt the review questions at the end of that topic.
Sample Answers: Sample answers are provided at the end of the workbook for practice questions in each topic to help your child understand the preferred answering format
Spell Help: The book includes games and activities that help improve your child’s spellings, grammar and punctuation.
Handwriting Box: The Handwriting Box section of the workbook contains writing exercises for your child to improve his or her handwriting writing
Engagement: Nelson Spelling 6 uses active learning techniques to maximize engagement. Your child will learn spellings, grammar, punctuation and correct sentence structure with the aid of various games and activities featured in this workbook.