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The Nelson Spelling Grade 5 workbook is a great learning resource for children who need to work on and improve their spellings. The book is specifically designed for grade 5 students and focuses on the type of words children are expected to know at their grade level. The topics and learning exercises in the workbook closely correspond to the grade 5 curricula. There are questions, quizzes and other activities at the end of each topic to check your child’s understanding of that topic before he or she moves on to the next one. These activities, word games and quizzes make the learning process fun and easy to understand for grade 5 children.

The flexible format of the workbook makes it easy for your child to learn and retain spellings and important language concept. It also provides an opportunity for you to get involved and observe your child’s performance. You can gauge their level of understanding for each topic by how comfortable they are with the questions and quizzes at the end of that topic. And if you find that they are struggling with any words or concepts, you can go over the activities and word games for that topic with your child to help him or her revise and practice those spellings.

Designed for Success:

Strategy Spot: Every topic in this workbook supports specific learning strategies that enhances the overall learning experience making comprehension and retention easier
Spell Check: There are review questions at the end of each topic that measure your child’s understanding of the topic.
Sample Answers: To help children understand the required answering format, there are sample answers at the back of the workbook for all the practice exercises.
Spell Help: There are several games and activities in this book that help improve your child’s understanding of spelling, grammar and punctuation.
Handwriting Box: The handwriting box in every topic contains practice exercises that are intended to help your child improve their handwriting
Engagement: This workbook takes a fun approach towards learning. It reinforces and test your child’s comprehension with the help of activities, puzzles, quizzes and word games.