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The Nelson Spelling Grade 4 Workbook is designed to increase your child’s aptitude for spelling. To do so, this workbook uses activities to support the reading and writing concepts learned in school. Using this unique strategy based approach, the workbook helps children focus on the fundamental concepts of spelling and provides activities to reinforce their understanding. At the end of each section children are prompted to check their understanding before moving on to the next concept. The workbook includes various skill-building questions and activities, spelling strategies and study tools to help your child overcome any learning difficulties he or she may have with regards to spelling. It makes the learning process easy and fun with the help of word games, riddles, puzzles and fun facts that are also included in this workbook.

This workbook also enables you to monitor and record your child’s progress and identify areas that require extra support. The “Study Planner” section of the book allows you to work with your child and create a study plan for each topic. So, you know what your child is learning and how much of it he or she is actually retaining. This way you can test their knowledge and understanding by playing word games or giving them a quiz from the book. This will help you point out the topics your child is having trouble learning. So, you can either help them yourself or notify their teacher about the areas that need extra support.

Nelson Spelling Grade 4 Key Features:

Strategy Spot: Each topic is supported by strategies specifically designed to enrich learning experience and support comprehension.
Spell Check: Each section ends with review questions that check for understanding of the topic.
Sample Answers: For all the practice exercises in the book, you can find sample answers at the back.
Spell Help: The book contains number of activities that focus on grammar, sentence structure and punctuation.
Handwriting Box: Practice exercises are provided to help your child improve their handwriting.
Engagement: Word games, quizzes, puzzles and fun facts are included to make the learning experience more interesting for your child.