Nelson Mathematics 4 (12 Month Online Subscription)

Nelson Mathematics 4 (12 Month Online Subscription)
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Developed specifically to meet the needs and respond to the challenges of today's Canadian mathematics classroom, this practical and manageable program provides 100% curriculum fit.
Key Features:
-Developed by leading Canadian mathematics educator, Dr. Marian Small
-Built on a strong foundation of Canadian research into how students learn mathematics
-Focuses on key mathematical ideas to help students make connections across the strands, the curriculum and see the big ideas that connect mathematics
-Learning is sequenced from chapter to chapter to build success and confidence
-Builds on students' prior knowledge, providing real-world applications to help motivate and engage students
-Balanced approach to mathematics instruction with 3 lesson types
-Guided Activity, Direct Instruction, Exploration
-3-part lesson plan model provides opportunities for problem solving and exploration in each lesson
-Purposeful visuals and a range of lesson types within each chapter benefit all learners and accommodate different teaching styles
-Practical opportunities for assessment before, during and after every lesson