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Nelson Math Grade 7 Workbook is designed to help your child refine his or her knowledge and comprehension of math concepts taught in their class. It focuses on various investigation and problem solving strategies your child can learn to outperform his or her classmates. The flexible and simple to understand format of this workbook makes the learning process easy. It reinforces the math concepts your child is being taught in class. Each topic is explained in great detail using examples and practice exercises which stimulates your child’s mind and prepares them for their grade 7 math exams.

Parents can also use this workbook to track their child’s progress. They can use the “At home help” feature of this book to go over the math concepts with their child and help them with the questions they are having trouble solving. They can also create a plan for working through the topic and monitor their child’s performance. There is a “Test Yourself” section at the end of every topic with multiple choice questions. These questions are provided to check for your child’s command over the topic. This provides an opportunity for your child to deepen his or her understanding of grade 7 math concepts.

Grade 7 Math Outline

Grade 7 math is focused on cultivating various important mathematical concepts in students at a level of complexity outlined below:

Problem Solving: learn how to select, apply and compare different math concepts for conducting investigation and solving problems
Reasoning and Proving: apply reasoning skills to construct and organize mathematical arguments and justify conclusions by recognizing relationships and applying inductive reasoning
Selecting Tools and Computational Strategies: learn how to select and apply variety of visual and electronic tools and relevant investigation techniques to solve problems
Reflecting: understand and assess the effectiveness of different problem solving methods and verify solutions via alternative approaches
Connecting: establish association among math concepts and relate them to situations and events drawn from real-life examples such as current events, arts, culture, sports etc.
Representing: create visual representation of numeric, geometric, algebraic and other mathematical ideas and apply them to solve variety of math problems
Communicating: understand and effectively communicate various mathematical ideas verbally, pictographically, and in writing

Grade 7 math workbook gives great insight into all the above-mentioned topics.