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Nelson Math Grade 5 Workbook is designed to help your child develop problem solving skills and investigation techniques required to succeed inside and outside the classroom. The practice exercises and math concepts covered in this workbook are aligned to the classroom lessons of Grade 5 math in Canada. The workbook pays close attention to each element of mathematics and explains them with the help of examples and practice exercises. This enables your child to get a solid grip over the subject which then reflects in his or her performance in the classroom. It helps them feel more confident and participate in class with greater enthusiasm.

Nelson has been a part of Canadian classrooms for over 100 years, therefore, it has a profound understanding of the different teaching methodologies and their effectiveness. The teaching style adopted in this workbook focuses on individual strands of mathematics followed by practice exercises. Each practice exercise supports a goal that makes it easier for parents to work with their children and keep track of their progress, making this workbook an ideal learning resource for children seeking to improve their math skills.

Grade 5 Math Outline

Grade 5 math is focused on cultivating various important mathematical concepts in students at a level of complexity outlined below:

Problem Solving: learn how to use various techniques to solve different math problems and understand the rationale behind the method used
Reasoning and Proving: develop and apply reasoning skills and the use of counter-examples to support mathematical arguments
Selecting Tools and Computational Strategies: able to identify the appropriate tools and math concepts needed to solve various math problems
Reflecting: reflect on and monitor math ideas and record their understanding of those concepts in math journals
Connecting: understand the contextual use of mathematical concepts and how they apply in everyday life situations
Representing: able to create on screen dynamic representations of mathematical ideas and use graphic methods such as diagrams, pictures and graphs to solve problems.
Communicating: reflect understanding of math concepts and investigation strategies orally and in writing using the appropriate terminologies

Grade 5 math workbook gives great insight into all the above-mentioned topics.