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Nelson Math 4 Workbook is a popular resource for learning and practicing math problems among Grade 4 students in Canada. It is designed to help children who want to improve their understanding of math concepts. The workbook covers all the math topics that are taught to Grade 4 students in class. It focuses on each strand of mathematics individually and enables children to work on specific areas that they feel they are lacking in. The flexible and easy-to-understand format of the book guarantees higher aptitude, deepened math comprehension and enhanced problem solving skills.

The content of this workbook is based on the expectations of student learning associated with all the strands of mathematics corresponding to Grade 4 curriculum. Each topic in this workbook is followed by a practice exercise that tests students’ aptitude for the strand discussed in that topic and reinforces math comprehension. This practice makes learning and understanding math concepts easy for children. Furthermore, Nelson Grade 4 Math boosts students’ confidence alongside improving their performance in class.

Grade 4 Math Outline

Grade 4 math is focused on cultivating various important mathematical concepts in students at a level of complexity outlined below:

Problem Solving: learn and apply various problem-solving and investigation strategies to enhance their understanding of mathematical concepts
Reasoning and Proving: construct and defend arguments in favor of the problem solving techniques they apply in finding solutions to various math problems
Selecting Tools and Computational Strategies: learn to use the correct tools and computation methods to solve different math problems
Reflecting: Understand how to compare and adjust various computation techniques by discussing why their solution is reasonable
Connecting: apply understanding of various mathematical concepts to situations drawn from different contexts
Representing: create visual representation of mathematical values using diagrams, graphs or physical models and apply those representations in solving math problems
Communicating: effectively communicate mathematical ideas verbally and visually using the correct mathematical vocabulary

Grade 4 math workbook gives great insight into all the above-mentioned topics.