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The Nelson Math 3 Workbook is intended to help your child improve their understanding of mathematical concepts and formulas that are taught in Grade 3. The topics and practice exercises covered in this workbook are closely aligned to the school curriculum. It divides the curriculum into individual elements; numeration, measurements, geometry, pattering, and probability, making the learning process simple and easy. Students in Canada are expected to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of these topics to pass their Grade 3 exam.

The content of this workbook is carefully drafted based on profound perspicacity of effective teaching methodologies and math competencies of grade 3 students in Canada. With the help of Nelson Grade 3 Math Workbook, children can quickly acquire the skill level they are expected to have in each strand of mathematics corresponding to their academic level. Besides building your child’s aptitude for each component of math curriculum, it also enables them to make connection between each strand by comparing a variety of solution strategies. This deepens their overall understanding of grade 3 mathematics.

Grade 3 Math Outline

Grade 3 math focuses on cultivating various important mathematical concepts in students at a level of complexity outlined below:

Problem Solving: apply basic problem-solving and investigation techniques to deepen mathematical comprehension
Reasoning and Proving: demonstrate reasoning skills in class discussions or/and while explaining answers to the teacher or instructor
Reflecting: analyze math problems after solving them and discuss why they think that the approach that led to the solution is the correct one
Selecting Tools and Computational Strategies: apply different methods and use appropriate tools to solve problems
Connecting: build connections among different mathematical concepts and understand their application to everyday context
Representing: represent mathematical ideas using shapes, symbols and numbers, and integrate them in their problem solving strategies
Communicating: explain various approaches to solving a problem in correct mathematical vocabulary

Nelson Grade 3 math workbook gives great insight into all the above-mentioned topics.