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The Nelson EQAO 6 cards are intended to help Grade 6 students with Math practice for their EQAO test. These cards are closely aligned to the Ontario math curriculum for Grade 6. It covers all the topics and types of questions that are part of the EQAO exam and offers a fun and easy solution for improving math skills. There flash cards focus on each of the five math topics in the grade 6 math curriculum in great detail. They are designed in a way that parents can use them to work with their children and track their performance. Their flexible format is ideal for children as it reinforces math comprehension and develops problem solving skills that are essential for EQAO Grade 6 Math test.

Children often get confused and struggle to find a good learning resource as exams are approaching. Flash cards can be a great way to reduce this test anxiety and boost confidence as it is considered one of the quickest ways to learn by educators across the world. These cards make the practice fun while touching every single topic that students are required to learn for their EQAO Grade 6 test.

What is Grade 6 EQAO Test?

Reading, writing and math competencies required at Grade 3, 6, 9 and 10 level are tested across the province using the EQAO testing system. EQAO or Education Quality and Accountability Office is an independent agency responsible for designing and conducting the provincial assessment program. This test helps teachers, parents and school board understand if the students in a certain grade is at par with other students at the same academic level across the province in reading, writing and mathematics. The results of the test are measured against the agreed upon performance benchmark for the province. The school board uses this data to see if students are lacking in any particular area and if changing the curricula or teaching methodology can improve their performance.