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EQAO 3 Flash Cards is an educational resource designed to help Grade 3 students in Ontario prepare for the annual EQAO Math exam. As they cover all topics in the standard math curriculum and focus on the types of practice questions that children are most likely to encounter during their EQAO Grade 3 exam. It offers a flexible format that enables parents to work with their children to identify specific concepts that need extra attention and use these cards to focus on those areas. This not only makes it easier for the children to learn math tips and tricks but also boost their confidence resulting in significantly reduced test anxiety and substantially high test scores. In other words, students can rely on these flash cards to help them beat the EQAO test.

These flash cards focus on the 5 topics that make up the Grade 3 math curriculum and the two types of questions that appear on the EQAO Grade 3 exam making the learning process quick and easy. It targets both Multiple Choice and Open Response questions in a way that it makes easier for the children to learn and recall rules and formulas they are required to know for their grade level.

What is Grade 3 EQAO Test?

EQAO is an independent testing agency that conducts large scale assessment throughout Ontario Schools to measure students’ proficiency in important subjects such as Mathematics, Reading and Writing, at various stages of their academic journey. This test is most commonly known as the Literacy Test that children in Grade 3, 6, 9 and 10 are required to take as a part of the provincial assessment program. It provides a clear picture to parents, teachers and school board about the students’ performance in reading, writing and math which is measured against a pre-set benchmark for the province. To put it simply, this test helps in identifying if your child is at par with other Grade 3 students in Ontario.