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The Nelson Mastering Math study guide is designed to strengthen your understanding of math concepts that you are required to learn at the post-secondary level. To do so, the workbook, provides concise, step-by-step review and questions for topics that you may struggle with the most. Furthermore, each section is developed to support learning, build confidence, and make difficult topics less intimidating. Also, many topics in this guide were suggested by high school and post-secondary students. And they know better than anyone else about the common math challenges students face as they transition from high school to post-secondary education. They also have a better understanding about the areas that typically need extra support.

Mastering Math is the study guide you need at your fingertips. Post-secondary math can often be difficult to understand, let alone master, for high school students. This study guide provides an avenue for you to master the concepts you are expected to know for your post-secondary education. It will give you extra support to complete homework, assignments, or to prepare for tests and exams. The workbook not only makes it easier for you to follow classroom lectures but also ensures you land excellent grade in tests and exams. Students who use this study guide typically develop enhanced aptitude for math and outperform their classmates.

Mastering Math Key Features:

Concise Coverage: Each topic is covered succinctly on one page with step-by-step, friendly instructions to help you master key concepts
Five-Minute Approach: Other math review texts gives massive amount of information, which can be overwhelming and time-consuming. The mastering math approach is designed to quickly zoom in on common problem areas and help you arrive at the solution within 5 to 10 minutes.
Curriculum Based: All topics have been developed using current math curricula from high school and post-secondary education courses. This study guide reviews topics covered throughout high school and intro to post-secondary education.
Sample Answers: Sample answers are provided at the end of the book and include straightforward solutions as well as common variation examples.
Practice Questions: Extra practice questions are provided to reinforce technique and mastery.
Peer Contributors: Many of the topics covered were suggested by students like you who know firsthand the math concepts that are most challenging and typically need extra support.