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The Conquering Calculus study guide is designed to deepen your understanding of calculus. Also, the guide supports your transition from high-school to post-secondary education. There is strong evidence that the key to success in post-secondary Calculus is knowing the background material. That’s why each topic in this guide will prepare you for what instructors are going to assume you already know when you start your post-secondary education. Furthermore, this guide includes tips to help you prepare for what to expect in your first year of post-secondary education. The topics have been specially selected to build confidence and reinforce key concepts for future academic success.

Dedicate about an hour a day the month before starting your post-secondary education to work through this study guide. This will help you identify the topics you are good at and those areas that you need to learn, review and work on. You can also bring Conquering Calculus with you to your post-secondary institution as a reference tool, because it includes many important formulas and key concepts to which you will need to refer.

Conquering Calculus Key Features:

Evidence-Based Approach: There is a strong evidence that suggest the key to understanding post-secondary calculus is knowing the fundamental concepts. That is why each topic in this guide is designed to prepare you for what your post-secondary teachers expect you to know.
Solution-Based Approach: Topics are designed to review common problem areas and help you understand the key math concepts required for post-secondary education.
Curriculum Based: All topics and practice exercises in this study guide cover math topics taught to students in high school and in the first year of post-secondary education.
Sample Answers: Sample answers are provided at the back of this study guide where you can find the solutions format and examples with variations.
Practice Exercises: Practice exercises reinforce technique and mastery and prepares you for what is expected out of you as a post-secondary student.